Can people with diabetes eat sweets and desserts?

Sweets and desserts, like chocolate cake is one of my favorite desserts.

There is a popular misconception that people with diabetes must avoid all sweets and desserts. This is completely untrue! To be honest, many people have asked me the same question. The answer is: “YES, of course, we can”. People with diabetes can still enjoy sweets, but they may need to plan to help avoid unnecessary spikes in blood sugar.

People who have diabetes will agree that sweets and desserts can be tricky. I like most of my desserts to be sweet. However, I know that a low-carb diabetic dessert is a better option because it doesn’t mess up with my blood sugar level.

People with diabetes can eat sweets and desserts. For example, I ate one piece of chocolate cake, I injected dose of insulin and later, my blood sugar level was in the range of normal.

Savory desserts can be awesome as well, but, it’s hard to beat sweets and dessert to end a great meal. At least, it is hard for me.

Sugar and sugar substitutes (honey, agave nectar, etc.) will obviously affect your blood sugar and artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols can have unwanted side effects (typically digestive issues).

Moreover, I know that there are plenty of delicious low-carb dessert recipes to choose from. I prefer to make my own desserts at home. On that way, I can control exactly what goes into the desert.

Furthermore, the recipes that I make I usually use either Stevia or get their sweetness from other ingredients like fruit and berries.

What is Stevia?

Stevia a completely natural sweetener since it’s simply an extract from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. Most grocery stores carry it and you can purchase it as a powder, extract, or as flavored drops.

Stevia is great for people with diabetes and does not raise my blood sugars levels. It’s actually my sweetener of choice. I use Stevia to sweeten up your morning coffee or oatmeal, or your favorite dessert.

There are many ways to create delicious desserts that are (relatively) low-carb and sugar-free. In my next blog post, I will write some of the recipes that make and, at the same time have great blood sugar.

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