Diabetes and travel

Diabetes and travel - Me during my trip in Rome

Diabetes and travel is another interesting topic that is interesting for people with diabetes. When I was 9 years old, I wanted to go on excursions with my friends from primary school. My parents explained to me that I have to learn how to monitor my blood glucose level on a regular basis and inject insulin by myself. From that moment, the control of my blood glucose level was in my hand. Thanks to that, years later I was able to travel around Europe, visit new cities, meet new friends and cultures.

The things I pay attention to

There are a lot of things I have to pay attention to If I want to have a healthy and hassle-free trip.

I always carry all diabetes suppliesWherever I travel, I carry all diabetes supplies. I always put the testing equipment, insulin, syringes, and pen needles in the checked-in luggage. Moreover, I always pack extra treatment supplies in my hand luggage in case my checked-in luggage gets lost or delayed.

Before my first travel alone, I went to my doctor to talk about your travel plans. We discussed my medication/insulin adjustments, Glucagon, and testing for ketones during the trip. Furthermore, my doctor gave me the doctor’s letter alerting about my diabetes and all diabetes supplies I need to take with me.

I always keep my diabetes supplies cool. We should keep the insulin at room temperature. That is why I bring along cool packs for storing my insulin. For my last travelings, I used Frio Duo Insulin Cooling Wallet.

Before I leave for my trip, I don’t forget to find out what pharmacies and hospitals are closest to my hotel.

With careful planning and taking a few precautions, diabetes does not stop me from having the most memorable trip.

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