Diabetes and work

diabetes and work - me before a conference

“Can I work if I have diabetes?” This is one of the most commonly asked diabetes question. Diabetes and work is a topic most of the people with diabetes are interested in. And the answer is “Yes”. Many people can manage their diabetes without it affecting their work. 

diabetes and work - me before a conference

I have been working for 3 years and I have undertaken different types of jobs. I regularly face stressful situations and most of them have a negative impact on my blood glucose level.

However, I learn how to deal with both of them. For this purpose, I do the following things:

I always take the medicine with me

Before going to work, I always to put everything I need in a little pouch, so I can unzip and layout on my work surface.

I check my blood glucose level during the working hours

Every time I feel thirst or I am hungry. I do that right at my desk or go to another place, such as an office with a closed door, a restroom, a toilet or a kitchen.

I eat well during work hours

In order to avoid ordering fast food, I usually bring food to work so I have control over what I eat. I normally bring a chicken salad, rice, zucchini or peppers filled with rice and minced meat, оr fresh fruit. Sometimes I don´t have time to prepare my lunch for work. In that case, I order food from the local restaurants.

I hope that my experience will encourage you not to be afraid of diabetes. Also I hope that will motive you to talk and educate your colleagues about this condition.

I talk with my boss and co-workers about my condition

Many people don’t understand what diabetes is and they don’t know how to treat it. That´s why I try to educate my colleagues about diabetes and learn how to recognize and help me when my blood sugar is low.

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