How did I prepare for Wizz Air Skopje Marathon 2019?

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Yesterday, on the 4th of May, I participated in the Wizz Air Skopje Marathon 2019 for a second time. I was running 5 km. It was a challenging experience for me. First, it was a fight with myself while I was running. Although I was feeling a pain in my legs, I was trying to stay calm and motivate myself to go on. Second, I wanted to prove that my diabetes won’t stop me to achieve the goal – to run 5 km without having a negative effect on my blood sugar level.

Every person with diabetes should be well prepared before the marathon. For this Wizz Air Skopje Marathon 2019, I did the following things: when I woke up in the morning, first I checked my blood sugar level. It was above the normal range – 8,5 mmol/L. I ate one banana and I drunk two glasses of water. One hour later, a couple of minutes before the marathon started, I checked my blood sugar level once again. I was 9.00 mmol/L, but I didn’t inject insulin. After I finished the marathon, almost 40 minutes later, I checked my blood sugar once again. It was 11,00 mmol/L. This time, I injected insulin in order to decrease it and I ate my breakfast. One hour and a half later, I checked it once again, it was 7 mmol/L.

My motto for Skopje Wizz Air Marathon 2019

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