Six things diabetes has taught me

Me realizing the most important lessons diabetes has taught me.

Living with type 1 diabetes is not easy at all. Especially if you are a young girl/boy. I was 6 years old when I was diagnosed with diabetes. And the only thing I remember is the doctors didn’t allow me to eat sweets. At that age, it is hard to accept that situation. I remember how scary and difficult it sounded to me.

Besides the fact that diabetes has taken me to scary, difficult, and painful places, but it also has taught me valuable lessons:

The things diabetes has thought me

I have been very lucky. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy, but with regular control, in the end, I overcome it.

One of the things diabetes thought me is that I don’t have to be afraid of it. I have to be afraid of the consequences that may occur if I don’t control it.

I learned that diabetes will never stop me achieve my dreams and goals. Whether I want to travel or do work my dream job, I just make sure I’ve got all my diabetes stuff with me.

Being alone with your diabetes can be tough. But having diabetes has taught me that it is really valuable to have people to share the experience who are going through it too .

Another thing diabetes has taught me more than anything else is that I am responsible for my own health. My parents helped me become self-confident about my diabetes management as a child. They have never caused me to doubt that I could do what I wanted to do.

And last, but not least, the waiting is the hardest part when it comes to a diabetes cure. But we should stay positive and never lose the hope that one day a cure will be found.

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