What do I do when my blood glucose level is high?

Hyperglycemia is high blood glucose (blood sugar) level.  High blood glucose happens when the body has too little insulin or when the body can’t use insulin properly. If we don’t control regularly the hyperglycemia, the complications may be severe or even life-threatening. During my 20 years of experience with type 1 diabetes, I have had high blood sugar levels oftentimes. When my blood glucose level is high, I know hot to react in those situations.

The things I do when my blood glucose level is high

When I measure high levels of blood glucose, I do the following:

I don’t panic

When I measure high levels of blood glucose, I NEVER panic. The panic is one of the factors that increase the blood glucose levels. I always take a deep breath to stay calm.

As for the next two tips, I always practice only ONE of them.

I inject a certain dose of fast-acting insulin 

When my blood glucose level is high, I inject  the fast-acting insulin Apidra.

For me, this is a painful way for decreasing the blood glucose levels. The dose of fast-acting insulin I have to inject depends on the high blood glucose levels, as well as the consultation with my doctor endocrinologist.

I am physical active

It is interesting to note that being physically active for me is a more interesting way to decrease the blood glucose levels. When I choose to be physically active, I usually climb the stairs in the building or run.

One hour after I inject insulin or being physically active, I check once again the blood glucose levels. If it is still high, I continue with the physical activity until the blood sugar is back to normal.


To sum, it is important to maintain your blood glucose levels in the normal range and avoid hyperglycemia. Only in that way you can reduce the risk of the complications that may occur.

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