What do I do when my blood sugar level is low?

Hypoglycemia occurs when the blood sugar level in your blood drops below normal. When someone is in severe hypoglycemia, the person is usually unable to treat on his own. In that situation, he or she needs help from another person.

The moment when my blood sugar level is low.

I have had diabetes for 20 years and during this period, I have been facing hypoglycemia many times. I hate those situations because I can’t control myself when I eat.

When I face with hypoglycemia, I always do the following things.

I always carry blood glucose meter with me

Wherever I go, I always carry the blood glucose meter with me. If I feel weakness or flickering, I always check the blood sugar level.

I always carry sweets with me in order to increase my blood sugar level

From my experience so far, I learned that I should always carry sugar packs, Coca-Cola, liquid glucose with me. On this way, I can quickly react to a situation of hypoglycemia.

I ask someone else to help me

Sometimes when the blood glucose levels are low, I can´t help myself on my own. In those situations, I always ask my parents, friends and even an unfamiliar person to help me by giving me sugar and water, coca cola or some other sweet product.

After 15 minutes, I check my blood sugar level again

After 15 minutes, once again I check my blood glucose levels. If it is still low, I take a small dose of the sweet product I have consumed before.

I talk with my doctor

The more information I can give my doctor, the better he or she can work with me to understand what’s causing the lows. My doctor may be able to help prevent low blood glucose by adjusting the timing of insulin dosing, exercise, and meals or snacks. Changing insulin doses or the types of food I eat may also do the trick.

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